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The Kovrita wallet is given by Crypto Outlook Ltd., a restricted organization fused in United Kingdom with organization number 11890197 and with its enrolled office at Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX.

Kovrita Chain Ecosystem


Kovrita Chain charges a little commission for each trade in the framework


kovrita utilizes distributed crypto loaning stages to give a better than average 0.66%-16.6% rate of profitability as digital forms of money.


kovrita is acceptable at specialized graphing and examination at different stretches for the duration of the day, kovrita exchange diverse digital forms of money on different trades.

Marking (POS)

kovrita win marking compensations on head of their cryptographic money possessions and develop them further by exacerbating those potential compensations.


Purchasing low and selling high on various trades to win a decent benefit in the middle of 1.66% to 36.6% of the spread.


Giving a confided set up to crypto devotees to securely buy various items and administrations. organization is massively amped up for the open doors offered by crypto and has set up the Kovrita Chain Wallet as a methods for safely putting away, moving, and winning digital forms of money. With the Kovrita Wallet, clients can:

Move cryptographic forms of money

Send/Receive cryptographic forms of money to and from different wallets

Trade between cryptographic forms of money and fiat

Acquire on holding your digital forms of money and fiat

Procure with Kovrita abundance and subsidiary program

Speculation Plans Of

Kovrita Chain HODLers idea

Up to 3.66% intensifying day by day on all your crypto possessions

The more you hold, the more you acquire!

E-monetary forms acknowledged:

Kovrita Chain Wallet underpins Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, DASH, Ethereum Classic, Tether, USDC, TUSD just as PAYEER and PM. Fees:

Include (Deposit)

Kovrita doesn’t charge expenses for any approaching exchange.


Cryptographic money <=> Crypto-cash 0.25%

Cryptographic money <=> Fiat (stable coins) 0.5%

Send (Withdraw) expense

(BTC) Bitcoin: 0.0002 BTC

(ETH) Ethereum: 0.002 ETH

(LTC) Litecoin: 0.0003 LTC

(BCH) Bitcoin Cash: 0.00002 BCH

(DOGE) Dogecoin: 1.5 DOGE

(Run) Dash: 0.0004 DASH

(And so forth) Ethereum Classic: 0.0002 ETC

Immaculate Money USD: 0.5%

Immaculate Money EUR: 0.5%

(USDT) Tether ERC-20: 0.5 USD

(USDC) USD Coin: 0.5 USD

(TUSD) TrueUSD: 0.5 USD

Payeer USD: 0.5%

Payeer EUR: 0.5%

Bank wire USD: 30 USD

Bank wire EUR: 30 EUR

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Associate Program:

REFERRAL COMISSION: half from benefit

Allude your companions and get up to half of their benefit! Kovrita wallet is stretching out the chance to gain Referral Rewards straightforwardly to the network of its system individuals, by means of 5-Tier referral framework.

Level 1: Receive half from the benefit of individuals who are alluded by you straightforwardly.

Level 2: notwithstanding, or rather than your own endeavors in welcoming individuals to join the Kovrita venture straightforwardly, Tier2 choice permits you to win the extra 40% Referral Rewards, from the benefit of individuals alluded to the undertaking by your immediate referrals.

Level 3: You win extra 30% from the benefit of individuals alluded to the undertaking by your third level referrals.

Level 4: 20% from the benefit of individuals alluded by your third level.

Level 5: lastly 10% from the benefit of individuals alluded by your 4rth level.




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